Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Statement of Purpose

I have created this blog for the purpose of putting together a Statement of Purpose for Digital Whisper.  It became apparent to me that we do not have this Statement when I was putting together an Artists CV and I wished to include my experience at Digital Whisper for my "Informal Education".

We are all members of Digital Whisper for various reasons, for me it is a chance to learn and experiment among fellow artists (yes we are artists), I would like to hear from you as to the reason(s) you are a member and your experiences, and put together a Statement which you will have the opportunity to contribute to.  Cheers

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  1. HI Kaylene!
    I stumbled onto to DW one day online and it has changed my life!!! I began doing digital scrapbooking and was looking for more of an art form. I was not as interested in documenting my life events as I was at documenting my evolution as a person. To me this is what DW is: a place for me to use digital art to express what is growing deep inside of me. It is a means for me to bring that out and share it with the world. My life's purpose is to share the inspiration of the Universe with everyone I meet. I combine this purpose with digital art and it becomes my whisper to the world.